When did Naomi Campbell become a comic book villain?

Linda Evangelista famously wouldn't get out of bed for less than $12,000. Naomi Campbell won't get out of bed for war crimes. When did supermodel cruelty go from bitchy to downright evil?

"I didn't want to be here, I was made to be here," she said during her testimony against former Liberian president Charles Taylor, accused of a regime built on child soldiers, brutality and blood diamonds. "I just want to get done with this and get on with my life."

I'm sorry, is this trial bothering you? Did you miss your mid-morning snack of baby hearts? Can I offer you a puppy dog head to gnaw on, while you put a new ice-pack in your temporal lobe?

Supermodels have always leaned towards the side of villains rather than superheros. With a reputation for stealing men (Giselle), being wooden (Cindy) and dismissive (Linda), they were never the kind of celebrity you could relate too. But Naomi isn't a villain, she's Dr. Evil.

Consider the evidence: She treats her minions as disposable, she hits people with blunt objects, she mingles with warlords, and risks the livelihood a children's charity to save her own butt. Oh and her currency isn't even dollar bills but precious stones mined in exchange for murder. How's that for evil?

Even her take on Taylor's indefensible corruption seems like a shrug off. Here's what she told counsel with regards to the warlord, according to this website tracking the trial: "This is someone I read on the internet that killed several hundreds of people, supposedly."

If it were a movie, she'd be propelled into space indefinitely. But we seem to allow her antics, even relish in them. Poised to be on the cover of the new issue of Essence Magazine, it seems like no matter how many socio-pathic symptoms she exhibits, she still gets work. Do we allow it because she's a super-model, and not, say, an actor like Mel GIbson? Just like Gibson she's proven to be violent, careless, if not racist then certainly ignorant. While I'm thrilled that Mel has (fingers crossed) run out chances in Hollywood, it'd be nice to see Naomi meet a similar career fate. Maybe the two of them can go live in a cave somewhere and harvest Kryptonite for another thousand years.