Where Has All the Curly Hair Gone?

By Claudine Zap

Maybe it dawned on me when I gazed on yet another photo of the smiling, coiffed Chelsea Clinton, that change was in the air. Or should I say, hair. Remember back in the 90s, where big hair ruled? Now Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianna Margulies, Julia Roberts, have all tamed their tresses. Even Madonna's wild hair has gone prim and pin straight.

Granted, hairstyles have changed. Fashionistas swear by the blow out, and even the tousled waves of the Blake Lively 'do is a salon-created masterpiece.

Besides, big hair often meant bad hair. Chelsea's curls were an unmanageable frizz. SJP's hair completely overpowered her small frame.

Credit, or blame, depending on your viewpoint, can be fingered at Jennifer Aniston. Not for the "Rachel" -- the hairstyle that inspired thousands of cuts. No, I mean the way she wears her hair now. Back in the era of "Friends," Aniston had a normal bod and regular-gal hair that well, anyone could get. But as she grew up, she slimmed down, and so did her hair. Now that polished, blown-out look can be seen on most Hollywood types.

Curly hair is a risk -- it's unruly, prone to frizz, and often works in mysterious ways. (I should know -- I've had curly hair all my life.) Straightened hair is more conventional and trouble-free. It's hard to argue, except that maybe once in a while, it would be fun to see that curly side.