White girls...Black Girls...

As I observe society on a daily basis I notice a lot of different people "taking" the identity of different cultures. As an african american I notice a lot of white women spending hours in tanning salons and out in the sun just so they can have skin as dark as mine. As I sat in my college lecture class next to a white girl who works at a tanning salon, she was actually way darker than me. I work at a popular lingerie store, and all the white women are constantly buying the infamous lip plumper so they can have big full lips and our new bronzer which when I applied it to my skin it was darker than me. Also i notice most, not all, white women getting plastic surgery to get a curvier body such as breast implants, butt implants, and lip injections. As I flip through magazine pages as I wait in line at the grocery store, I vaguly see a familiar face. Instead the image of beauty portrayed to me is a white woman with african american features. I think to myself if thats the idea of beauty why can't they put some beautiful black women in the magazines who have a fuller figure, naturally tan skin and full lips? ( I know that there are other cultures who have those traits naturally..but I think it is most popular among the african american culture.) The idea that white women (not all ) want black physical traits is not the problem, I am actually very flattered. But the problem I have is that us as black women aren't praised for our beauty, instead it is snatched away from us. I notice when interracial couples come into our store, such as a white woman and a black man, her nose immediately turns up as she gazes at some of the african american employees while hugging on her black boyfriend. (not all white girls are like this, i do not mean to offend) I am constantly juggling the question, "How come there aren't more white men approaching black women?" when in actuality our physical traits are currently the new beauty. I guess because natural beauty isn't in style. It is nothing wrong with liking the look, but why cant there be majority black girls in the magazines sice everyone wants our characteristics? why cant we be acknowledged?

Black women aren't completely innocent. Living in the african american community I faced alot of prejeudice people. I am a lighter skinned black young lady and there is always tension between the lighter skinned girls with longer hair (characteristics of the european decent) and the darker skinned girls with shorter more ethnic hair. I have faced problems from jealous black girls beacuse i had lighter skin and my hair was longer. The stereotype the lighter skinned girls as the girls who "act white" but yet I always found it funny how some of those girls could say such harmful things and then turn around and dye their hair blonde and get a silky blond weave. Other black girls would be made fun of for missing their monthly relaxer when kinky new growth would begin to show.

I ask the question why can't everyone just be happy with who they are? I think it is ok to want to have a physical characteristic as another culture, but to steal their charcteristics and then turn a round and talk about that culture is wrong? Do you believe there are some hidden jealousies? I am not a racist I am just making a pont. I truly believe both white, black, and all nationalities are beautiful. Please comment.