Who wore it best: Carla Bruni or Madonna’s four-year-old daughter, Mercy

Splash News/WWDSplash News/WWDSome of you may remember my post from last fall about Stella McCartney's collection for Gap Kids and Baby Gap. The designer made a more affordable (yet still pretty expensive) line for kids that was perhaps not the most practical for kids, but unquestionably adorable. Which is why we weren't totally surprised to see Carla Bruni, the first lady of France, wearing the military coat while singing Beatles ballad, "And I Love Her," on stage. (Stella is Paul McCartney's daughter, in case you didn't make the connection.) The jacket is the most expensive item in McCartney's Gap Kids collection, retailing for $128, and must run fairly large--when was the last time you fit into a kids XL?

Meanwhile, Madonna made sure to scoop up the same military coat for her four-year-old daughter, Mercy, who debuted the look this weekend en route to the Kabbalah center. While Mercy's outfit is probably more sophisticated than anything we've ever worn, she is the Material Girl's daughter after all. We wouldn't expect it any other way. [D-listed][WWD]