Who's that Girl? Ford Sneaks a Faker Model into the SI Swimsuit Issue

Do you recognize this swimsuit model?Do you recognize this swimsuit model?We already assumed that not everything you see in Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue is real. But a fake swimsuit model?

Dalena Henriques appears next to a sleek 2013 Ford Mustang -- or part of her does, at least. We can see some of her curves clad in a bright blue bikini, but her face has been cropped out of the picture. Smitten fans can find her name in the credit line for the photo, and an online search turns up what seems like her personal website, which bills her as a "swimsuit/fashion model."

We like her outfit.We like her outfit.It's filled with gorgeous shots of hot… Ford cars. And in case readers still aren't in on the joke, captions like "I'm excited. Can you see it in my face?" sit under photos in which her entire head has been cropped out of the picture.

We dig her strappy, canary-yellow heels and the matching drapey dress. Does it make us want to buy a car (or a copy of Sports Illustrated)? Not so much.

Awesome ad, clever concept, or do you feel fooled?

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