Whose daughter is this? Hint: check out the lips

Mick Jagger has a lot of children, "so many bloody children," he once famously said at an awards show. But Georgia May Jagger is more like his spitting image. The 18 year-old Londoner has been modeling overseas for a couple of years now, but after relocating to New York to study photography at the School of Visual Arts, she's making a name for herself in the States. First stop: the cover of November's Harper's Bazaar.

By all accounts, she didn't inherit her the reckless rebellion gene that other rock spawn, like Peaches Geldof, Kim Stewart or Theodora Richards, claim. Instead she's described as "polite, well spoken, and even a little shy," in the article by Christine Lennon.

But in pictures, she's not afraid to put it all out there, recently stirring controversy and titillation with topless photos for a denim ad. One person who wasn't disturbed by her exposure: super-model mom Jerry Hall.

"My mum did a lot of very provocative work with Helmut Newton. She understands. It is pretty crazy, though. I didn't think that it was going to be on giant billboards everywhere," says Jagger, who incidentally dates the son of a Eurythmics bandmember.
She may be following in her mom's career footsteps but it's her dad who's passing down the real goods: clothes. She regularly raids his trunks of clothing from the 60s and 70s. "My dad has more sparkly stuff than most men," she says. Who else claim their father's sexy, medticulously feathered and beaded duds for their own? Well besides, her clan of brothers and sisters.

Then there's the travel perks: trips to dad's private island with the fam, road trips on the luxury bus with the band.

And the fact that he's laid back about his daughter's dating life: "My dad's cool with that kind of stuff...My dad let me figure out what I wanted to do on my own. My parents never really lecture me." It's got to take a lot shock a man responsible for some of rock's most sexually incomprehensible urban legends.

And the best perk of all? The genes. One look at those painted-on mega-lips, and you're immediately coveting a vintage Rolling Stone Hot Lips t-shirt. Of all the Jagger kids, Georgia May got the biggest dose of dad's signature attribute. And it's not to be underestimated: those lips helped turn a scrappy teenager into a living legend. Let's see if two time's a charm.