Why grooming should be done at home: woman crashes car while shaving bikini line

Here in New York City where public transit is the norm, there's a good amount of public grooming, as men and women head to work or to meet a date. I've personally seen everything from makeup application and brow tweezing to teeth flossing and nail clipping, and I really don't like it. Sure, a quick swipe of lipstick or powdering from a compact is innocent enough, but I feel like people should allot a couple extra minutes at home for more intimate activities like teeth flossing. Or at least go into a restroom.

When you're driving your own car, there's a bit more personal space, so grooming may be a bit more acceptable. I myself am guilty of applying lipstick and mascara at red lights. But one 37-year-old Florida woman has really taken the cake this week. Megan Mariah Barnes caused a car accident by shaving her bikini line while driving. "She said she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and wanted to be ready for the visit," says state trooper Gary Dunick, who was on the scene. Barnes lost control and crashed into another car, and the two passengers of that vehicle were treated for minor injuries.

I don't know where to start with this one. First of all, who shaves in their car without water, shaving gel, or a place to clean up? Secondly, who does something as delicate as shaving their bikini area while driving a moving vehicle? Not only is it kind of inappropriate, it's also extremely dangerous. She could have caused far worse damage to herself, her passenger (apparently her ex-husband was in the car, but that's too weird for us to handle), and other people on the road.

Have you ever done any public grooming, or been offended by someone else's? We want to know! [Metro]