The Wild Plumb Tree

Nashville singer Plumb, a mother of three young children, loves black licorice, raising chickens, root beer soda and red wine. "I'd be the first Grammy nominated artist to say I got my dress from TJ Maxx and forgot to wear deodorant. That's for sure," she jokes.Singer/Songwriter Plumb

She is inspired by groups like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Neon Trees, Metric, The Cure and The People. After a career as a backup singer, Plumb was signed to a record label weeks after she almost quit music. "I once had a fan write me a note before a show telling me how a song I had written had changed her life and how she wanted to encourage me to keep writing and being an inspiration. She had no idea I had been in a really dark place with the music business and planned that show to be my last. I was offered the contract I have now three weeks later."

"I love to start with a story. True or made up, either way. I like to have a story in mind of what I want a listener to be inspired by or often times, what I need to get out of my mind. It is very therapeutic for me to purge thoughts and feelings onto paper and even create fantasy. I honest think I'd go insane if I didn't do this."

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