Will Kate Middleton's Wedding Day Makeup Match Her Non-Traditional Wedding Dress?

If you haven't already heard, there are rumors that Kate Middleton is going to wear an Alexander McQueen gown on her wedding day. (I bet that got the royal family talking.) I don't know about you, but that conjures up scary images of the princess walking down the aisle looking something like this. Yikes.

What does this mean for her wedding day makeup? It totally changes everything. Before this, everyone thought she would stick to her trademark look seen here (soft, natural and oh so pretty). But now I wonder if she will opt for something more edgy, modern and shocking, something this celebrity is known better for.

Regardless of what she wears on her big day, I'm pretty sure this royal wedding is about to go down in history as one of the trendiest weddings we've ever seen. And as long as she stays away from looking like this celebrity, she'll look gorgeous no matter what.

Do you think Kate Middleton's wedding day makeup will match her wedding dress? Leave your comments below!

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