Will Kate's wedding dress be a McQueen?

A gown from a 2010 Alexander McQueen runway show. (Photo by Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage)A gown from a 2010 Alexander McQueen runway show. (Photo by Antonio de Moraes Barros  …To McQueen or not to McQueen: that is the question on every royal wedding watcher's mind. This weekend, London's Sunday Times reported that Sarah Burton, the creative director for Alexander McQueen, was chosen to design Kate Middleton's wedding dress. Not longer after the story was published, the designer denied the claim. "I'm not doing it," Burton told Vogue.com. It's the kind of answer that should close the case.

Except the royal wedding press office was suspiciously mum, neither confirming nor denying the rumor. "Because Catherine Middleton is keen to keep this private, we are not responding to this in any way at all," a spokesperson told The Telegraph.

So why is this all such a big deal? According to fashion insiders, the label's signature designs are a side-step away from more traditional royal bridal looks. And considering how much controversy Michelle Obama stirred up in her recent blood-red McQueen original, the label also has a tendency to garner as much attention as the person wearing it. But New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn applauds the idea of Sarah Burton dressing the new princess, calling Burton-who took over creative duties after McQueen's sudden death last year-a wise choice for Middleton. "In view of the late designer's fascination with British history, [it] makes a lot of sense. It also seems a good generational choice," writes Horyn on the Times' website. "And the studio, now expertly led by Ms. Burton, has the skills and resources to make a custom dress."

They may have the chops, but until the bride walks down the aisle, we won't know if they've also got the job.

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