Winter Style Tips: 8 New Ways to Wear Boots

Whether classic or edgy, this full-coverage footwear can be comfortable and chic. Here's what you need to know about wearing boots in any season.

Photo Credit: Studio DPhoto Credit: Studio D1. Look ladylike with high-heeled boots instead of pumps

When wearing a fuller skirt, it's more refined for your hem to fall just over the top of your boot. With a fitted shape, allow a few inches between your hem and your boot.

2. Heavy heels complement long skirts and dresses

Go chunky to offset longer lengths. But don't put a beat-up boot with your tiered skirt. Save your rough-and-tumble footwear for jeans.

3. Wear ankle boots with pants

They slip easily under jeans or dress pants and don't feel restrictive around your legs.

4. Wear short skirts with stiletto thigh highs

Or, wear a flat style with a mini. Think about wearing tights, either way: You'll look more conservative and pulled together.

5. Slim, high boots: A staple

Pick a pair that's fitted around your leg but not so tight that your skin bulges out from the top. There Photo Credit: Studio DPhoto Credit: Studio Dshouldn't be more than a half-inch of space between your leg and your boot.

6. Flat equestrian boots can be less fitted

A straight cut makes them easy to slip in and out of, and they're perfect if you want to put your jeans inside. They're a little more casual but still refined.

7. Tuck in skinny jeans

Go jeans inside boots for a glamorous air, but this really works best only on the skinny minnies among us.

8. Go ultramodern

For an ultramodern edge, try an ankle boot, or booties. Even more popular - a lower cut called the "shootie."

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