"The Wizard of Oz" Dress Up for Auction, Plus 8 Other Dresses We Wish We Could Bid On

Dorothy's famous blue and white checkered dress from "The Wizard of Oz" is up for auction November 9th. It's estimated that Judy Garland's costume could rake in half a million dollars, which is a lot of cash for an old cotton dress. The sale is part of The Icons and Idols 2012: Hollywood Auction and will have more than 800 iconic on-screen items up for sale, including Marilyn Monroe's personal collection of makeup.

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And even though we don't have half a million dollars to blow on Dorothy's gingham dress, we can dream, right? So we've drummed up a list of eight other iconic Hollywood dresses we wish we could bid on. Take a look at what famous costumes we came up with (and possibly get some fabulous Halloween ideas, too).

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Marilyn Monroe's White Dress

One of the most iconic dresses on the big screen, Monroe wore this white, backless halter top dress in "The Seven Year Itch." And if you've worn a dress on a windy day, you've probably experienced your own classic "Marilyn moment."

Audrey Hepburn's Classic Black Dress

The original LBD, Audrey Hepburn's black dress in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was made by Givenchy. Even though the film came out in 1961, this style is completely timeless and has never gone out of fashion. Plus, it's a super easy DIY Halloween costume. Once you have the dress, all you need is a string of pearls and black gloves. Instant Hepburn.

Reese Witherspoon's Pink Dress

We love Elle Woods' interpretation of "courtroom chic." Reese Witherspoon wore this bubblegum pink dress with a bedazzled sash when she won her first case in "Legally Blonde." Who says that just because you're a lawyer you have to dress in a drab blazer?

Alicia Silverstone's Little White Dress

We wish we could bid on all of Cher's outfits from "Clueless," but our favorite? The white mini dress she wore on her date with Christian. And who can forget the scene when her dad sees her in it the first time. When he asks what she's wearing, Cher says, "A dress." Then, her dad demands, "Says who?" to which Cher famously responds, "Calvin Klein."

Kate Winslet's Gown

Kate Winslet wore this gorgeous sequined, cap-sleeved gown in "Titanic" during that fateful night. Rose looked pretty fabulous and pulled together before well … you know how it ends.

Scarlett O'Hara's Red Velvet Dress

It's hard to make a dress with this much fabric look sexy, but Vivien Leigh managed to do it in "Gone With the Wind." Floor-length velvet, buttons, ruffles … this gown has a lot goin' on, but we'd love to bid on this dress and feel like a true southern belle for one day.

Kate Hudson's Yellow Dress

"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" has a lot of classic -- and hilarious -- moments (our favorite? When Kate Hudson brings Matthew McConaughey a "love fern.") But by far the best fashion scene is when Hudson wears that awesome backless silk yellow dress.

Kirsten Dunst's Gown

The movie "Marie Antoinette" is like a fashion feast for the eyes. In every single scene there's some amazing gown complete with ruffles, silk and feathers in every pretty color of the rainbow. It's dizzying. We love how Dunst accessorized her pale yellow and pink gown with dyed white hair and a flower crown.

What do you think? Which big screen dress is your favorite? And which ones did we forget?

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