Woman hides stolen fur coat in her underwear

A woman stole a mink coat but hiding it in her underwear. Photo courtesy of olx.com.A woman stole a mink coat but hiding it in her underwear. Photo courtesy of olx.com.46-year-old Stephanie Moreland was arrested for stealing a fur coat in Bloomington, Minnesota, but cops couldn't find the stolen merchandise anywhere.

According to local CBS news, a sales associate at Alaskan Fur Company spotted her acting suspiciously and noticed a $6,500 mink coat was missing. When the worker accused her of shoplifting, Moreland denied it and drove off, but not before the employee jotted down her license plate number. Police found her quickly, but all they saw in her car was the coat hanger.

Apparentlyofficials searched Moreland for weapons and booked her into jail for the weekend for the potential theft. Three days later she admitted she stole the coat but said she had already sold it. Things were not adding up. Finally, when an investigator told her he would be sending her to another jail downtown she lifted up her dress and pulled the mink coat out of her underwear. The place she had it stashed, undetected, for three days.

"She had modified her underwear," Bloomington Police Commander Mark Stehlik told CBS. "She actually cut the rear of the underwear out so that from the back it appeared she was not wearing underwear and then stuffed it down the front." Moreland will be sentenced on August 8, but there are two things we really still don't understand:

1) How do you hide an entire mink coat in your underwear?!
2) How did police search her for weapons before entering jail yet fail to notice the giant mink coat tucked away under her dress?

And we thought the women who stole 75 sticks of deodorant were bizarre.

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