Women Over 40 Are Simply Fabulous

Over the past decade women have been turning the old standard of "youth is beauty" right on its head; women are extending the life of their looks and maintaining more youthful appearances, making 45 the new 30. I don't think I could be happier about it, after all I'm turning 45 soon.

In years past many commercials for age-defying makeup and skin care products used models whose skin clearly required no extra toning or tweaking. As a woman who was actually old enough to be interested in tightening wrinkles and saggy areas, this was insulting. When I was the model's age, my face looked pretty darn good too, but to think that this one lotion sold at the grocery store could take me back ten years was silly.

I just got my new drivers license, and you know what? the only difference between the old and the new drivers license? I'm 10 years older and it looks like it. So spare me seeing the 20 something year old tell me how I can look awesome just by using the new serum or a cream.

This is why it has been refreshing to see the faces of mature women on the products we use.

The entertainment industry is also taking a turn for the better by celebrating the beauty of women who ten years ago would be out of the spotlight and out of a job. Turning 40 used to be a terrifying thought, signaling a fall from graceful good looks and job opportunities. If Sandra Bullock's recent win for best actress wasn't enough to prove middle age is sexy and empowering, thenKathryn Bigelow's win for best director for Hurt Locker nullifies any disagreement. At 58, Ms. Bigelow has rocked Hollywood's traditions and standards, and while her accomplishments in the industry have surpassed all before her, the cameras can't help but follow her amazing physique and marvel at how beautiful she is.

Sex and the City was one of the first television shows to follow the stories of women over the age of 30, struggling with being single, career-minded and man-hungry. Kim Cattrall's character, Samantha Jones, was especially novel; she was the sexy bad girl who considered monogamy as optional. She was also the oldest member of the group, changing the definition of sex appeal permanently and proving that age really is just a number.

So here's to the women of the world who look forward to their 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays and know that with each passing year they become more beautiful and full of life. Celebrate your health, looks and spirit as they change with time; it's no longer out with the old and in with the new. "Old" has been replaced with "Fabulous" and Fabulous is here to stay!

Have Fantastic Week.