Women's Biggest Fashion Regret: Buying Leather Pants

Perhaps not everybody regrets buying leather pants (Kim and Kanye aren't giving up their impressive leather collection anytime soon), but according to a survey, leather pants are the number one clothing item women most regret buying. Drinks brand Lambrini polled 2,000 women and 46 percent admitted they are embarrassed by their impulse leather pants purchases.

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The main reason women hate their leather pants: because they were afraid they looked too tacky or cheap. Now I've never made the leap and actually bought a pair of leather pants, but I've definitely considered it. Maybe it was that classic "Friends" episode where Ross gets stuck in a pair of leather pants, but in the end I've been way too scared to actually make the jump.

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But even if you're like me and don't actually own a pair of leather pants, there is probably something you really regret buying. According to the Lambrini survey, velour tracksuits trailed behind (at 37 percent) taking second place for the item women most regret buying. Full disclosure: I once bought a pair of polyester track shorts with the words "Perfect 10" written across the butt. Yeah, I'm not proud of it … but it happened.

Other regrettable items, according to the survey: see-through tops (34 percent), fanny packs (33 percent), crop tops (30 percent), Crocs (29 percent) and mini skirts (18 percent). It seems like regrettable fashion purchases are the great unifier.

Now tell us:
What clothing item do you most regret buying?

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