Wonderbra Grabs Our Attention with Hilarious Ad Campaign

wonderbrawonderbraThis whole time I thought it was my less-than-flat stomach, freckly sternum, and a general distaste of strangers staring at my cleavage that were deterring me from wearing a plunging V neck dress, but the people at Wonderbra assure me it was my lack of a bra that supported the look that was my downfall. Well, I feel better about myself already. The bra company that no one I know has ever bought from has come out with the new Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge bra that is supposedly the deepest plunging bra on the market. Totally just in time for your slutty yet sophisticated holiday looks, right? Knew it.

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I guess this bra serves a purpose -- I'm sure there are people out there who need this. I just don't happen to be one of them. But it's not all for naught. Wonderbra's ad campaign for this re-launch of sorts is nothing short of genius. I don't think I'm alone when I say I've always wanted to watch a human being bungee jump into some of the largest boobs on the planet.

Wonderbra nailed it. They put up this huge billboard in London of a model wearing their plunging bra and had people bungee jump off the building so it looked like they were diving head first into some pretty perfect breastesessss. Hats and bras off to whoever came up with this idea because it's one of the cleverest campaigns I've seen in a very long time.

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As for the product, it's being sold for around $50 on sites like Asos.com and Figleaves.com. So if you need one of these amazing cleavage boosters, get them while they're hot.

Do you like this idea for a bra? Does it fill a need in your wardrobe?

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Written by Lindsay Mannering for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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