World's Coldest Dress Made Entirely Out of Ice

Here's something to give you the chills … literally: TWELV magazine is headlining its second issue with an editorial feature titled "Ice Queen," where they made a gown entirely out of ice.

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The idea of an ice dress sounds pretty crazy, not to mention freezing and semi-dangerous. Just think of all the opportunities for frostbite. Ouch.

But we're not that surprised, considering this ice dress was created by the same people who brought us this gown made out of 50,000 gummy bears, which debuted in the premiere issue of TWELV. Seems like TWELV magazine is trying to outdo itself in the "That Dress is Made Out of What?!" category.

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The hefty ice dress weighs 532.6 pounds, was constructed in a freezer by a professional ice sculptor, and it took 13 people to move the thing. And for the first time in a long while, we're not envious of the gorgeous model who wore the thing. Luckily for her, the photo shoot only lasted 30 minutes, because that's when the dress started melting.

So why an ice dress, of all things? TWELV magazine explains they drew on inspiration from Tilda Swinton, the famous White Witch from "The Chronicles of Narnia." We think they were scrambling to find a way to trump gummy bears.

What do you think? Is this ice dress awesome or ridiculous?

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