Would you get a tattoo for a store discount?

Coverse logo tattoos. Photo courtesy of mindgrapes.tumblr.comCoverse logo tattoos. Photo courtesy of mindgrapes.tumblr.comLogo tattoos are extremely popular, with many men and women getting the designer logos of companies like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, and Nike, permanently etched into their skin. I've met several guys who have the Lacoste alligator tattooed on their chest, in place of where the shirt logo would be and I've also seen ladies with Chanel's double-C logo inked on their arms. I'm not a tattoo person, so getting a brand logo tattoo seems regrettable. But I suppose if you're going to put a fashion endorsement on your body, you may as well benefit from it!

Tattoo gets a lifetime shopping discount. Photo courtesy of Ecko.Tattoo gets a lifetime shopping discount. Photo courtesy of Ecko.Last week Ecko launched a "Branded for Life" campaign that promises a lifetime 20% discount to any customer who gets one of their two logos tattooed on their body. Hmm, a discount is cool, but only 20% off for a permanent tattoo? We don't think that's sufficient, but apparently three dudes already went out and branded themselves in the last week! One of them is pictured at the right, and you can see the others here.

If you could get a big discount for the rest of your life, would you consider getting a brand logo tattoo? And if so, which brand would it be!

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