Would You Pay $12,000 for Elvis's Hair?

PHOTO: COURTESY OF ELVIS PRESLEY ENTERPRISES, INC.PHOTO: COURTESY OF ELVIS PRESLEY ENTERPRISES, INC.We've heard of Celebrity Sperm Banks, and although it's a little strange, it has its own internal logic, as it were, if you want a child with rock star genes. We even kind of see the point of a celebrity lookalike sperm bank (yes, there is one), if you only care that the kid resembles a rock star.

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But how much would you pay for a lock of Elvis Presley's hair? (And what would you do with it-wear it in a pink Cadillac-shaped locket? Treasure it in a pillbox?) The question will be answered this month when a clump of Kingliness will be auctioned off in Chicago. Harvested back in 1958 when Elvis had to shear his sideburned do to join the Army, the hairmento is supposed to garner up to $12,000. As for us, we're holding out for Scarlett Johannson's entire head of hair, and we plan to make it into extensions.

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