Would you pay for designer shopping bags?

Some people are willing to pay for designer shopping bags. Photo via eBay.Some people are willing to pay for designer shopping bags. Photo via eBay.Clothing, accessories, and basically anything sporting a designer logo or label is considered a status symbol, but we never thought about shopping bags. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that people are willing to pay good money for brand-name shopping bags. The WSJ piece focuses on Koreans who sell them via second-hand online shopping sites. One seller named Mrs. Jang told the paper she felt people may prefer the quality of designer bags. "On top of the glossy logo, the paper is thicker and more solid compared to regular paper bags," she told the WSJ.

But we know better. In this economy, some people may not be able to afford a luxury item, but want to be perceived as a designer shopper. You may not have a Louis Vuitton bag on your shoulder, but if you're carrying their shopping bag around people will think you've made a purchase there. For some people that might be enough of a status boost.

After a quick search on eBay in the US, we found that bag re-selling is big here too. The used paper Dior bag (at left) is selling for $8.99 + $4.00 shipping. A Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is on sale for $10, and a crinkled Chanel bag is listed at $18.95 + $2.95 shipping.

If people want these bags so badly they could probably try going in the stores and asking for one. Would you ever pay for a shopping bag?

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