Would you wear skinny leather pants? Should you?

My friend Chuck once said, "A man who wears leather pants is a man who has no real friends." (or maybe Chandler said this to Ross? I forget.) The point being, 99.5% of men look ree-freaking-diculous in buckskin trousers. So, unless he's a serious contender for the SF Leather Daddy XXIV title, or maybe -maybe-a hot, young European, the pretty-much universal style rule is a man, no matter how much he loves them, should never wear leather pants in public.

But what about women? The big trend I'm seeing all over the fashion blogs today is leather pants for ladies. And-bad for any of us with hips, thighs, butts, bellies (or, really, any other physicality of a post-14 year-old female)-these leather pants are cut so skinny as to be interchangeable with leggings. Now, I pass no style judgment here, in fact I admire the girl who can pull these off, but I'm actually just trying to decide: Is this trend badass? Or lame, masochistic, and polarizing? [Fabsugar, NYMag]