Would You Work Out In Barefoot Shoes?

When it comes to working out, you'll endure all sorts of humiliation to reach your goals. (See: pole dancing on a Power Plate.)

Confidence, meet your match. Vibram FiveFingers, new fitness shoes with space for each toe (like gloves for the feet), are about as sexy as tractor tyres.

Engineered for running, walking and yoga, the shoes act like a second skin, with thin, flexible rubber soles that grip any surface. They're lined with stretch polymade fabric and require no socks.

The benefits are similar to reflexology: they stimulate acupressure points aiding ailments like fatigue, poor digestion and muscle tension), strengthen muscles and improve balance, agility and posture.

What's more, they help you run faster. Minimizing the time you can be spotted wearing them.

Pick up a pair at Vibram FiveFingers.

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