Wowza! Christie Brinkley Proves 57 is the New 27!

Celeb mom Christie Brinkley may be 57 years-old, but you'd never know it by looking at her! Check out this new photo taken of Christie in New York City…can you believe how gorgeous she looks? This picture has me looking at it over and over again and asking, "How old is Christie Brinkley?" She seriously doesn't appear to be a day over 30.

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Christie pulled off a chic pair of skinny white pants and a cute safari-esque top just as well as any of the young girls in Hollywood would these days. In fact, with her natural, fresh-faced look, she actually looks better at 57 than most women do in their twenties!

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Christie definitely hasn't lost her good looks or her sense of fashion as she's gotten older. She finished off this outfit with a great pair of gold sandals and perfectly pedicured toes.

In the past, Brinkley has attributed her youthful look to taking care of her body, mainly by following a vegetarian diet. If it could be proven that what she eats is responsible for how she looks, not just the fact that she's been blessed with amazing genes, I'd give up hamburgers and hot dogs for sure.


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