xxBad Girlsxx

There' s no such thing as a "good girl". Inside of every girl theres a mischievous sprite longing to break out of its sheck . therefore creating a "bad girl" its our nature to want to be beautiful, to want to be mysterious, and to want to be sexy lol or "bad" so "bad" isnt a bad..just depends on the things you do there's a difference between "bad" and " w----" lol. so to all the girls who think they look like nerds or have low self esteem i say the soultion to your problem is to apply mascara.. a little lip gloss muwah! lol and let that hair down. let ur freak em dress out of the closet lol problem solved. then go do something "bad" XP and remember ---"good" girls are "Bad" girls that dont get caught!

xoxoxoxoxoxox ~Lia~ the "good" girl ^_^ lmao