Yea, Nay, Or Eh: The Return Of The Backpack

You know what I'd like? A locker. Wouldn't it be great to have someplace convenient to stow your stuff-gym clothes, a pair of flats, some Balance bars, that copy of Infinite Jest you've been nibbling at on the subway? That'd lighten the load. I'd also like to receive an allowance for doing my chores: washing dishes, making the bed, taking out the garbage. And while I'm at it, I'd like my mom to cook dinner for me every night, and for my best friend to find out if the boy I like likes me, too. Alas, if I can't reclaim my misspent youth, at least I can console myself with a backpack. They are, apparently, in vogue-Opening Ceremony and J.Crew are stocking backpacks from Swedish maker Fjällräven; Chloë Sevigny's new unisex range for Opening Ceremony features backpacks; and, as WWD noted yesterday, backpacks showed up on several of the men's Spring '10 runways-a good harbinger of trends to come, alongside the fact that I've been seeing hipster kids on the Lower East Side toting middle school-style all summer. As usual, I ask myself-what gives? Why backpacks, why now? Personally, I found junior high to be kind of a drag. Awkward growth spurts, algebra, a constant terror of running afoul of the popular crowd, and so on. It seems like this experience is relatively universal, so maybe this whole backpack thing is a symptom of the recession. Maybe everyone style-minded has decided, en masse, that they can't afford any more visits to the chiropractor. In any case, I've decided I'm all for this trend, as long as the pack I get to carry is one of the styles designed by Assembly owner Greg Armas. His new store brand-reported on last week by our brother site-has unisex appeal, and the backpacks, which come in materials such as waxed raffia and cashmere, are indubitably cool. What do you think? Up with the comfort of a double-strap bag, or down with any trend that leads in the direction of the Trapper Keeper? Comments, please.

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By Maya Singer

Photo: Courtesy of Assembly


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