Yes! Horrible bridesmaid gowns are gone forever!

Attractive bridesmaid offerings from Rent the Runway WeddingsAttractive bridesmaid offerings from Rent the Runway WeddingsThere are some strange wedding traditions we'll just never understand. Why does the groom get his own cake shaped like a baseball field, cheeseburger, or fishing pole? Why must the groom remove his bride's garter with his teeth in front of all their loved ones? And worst of all, why do brides insist their bridesmaids wear and pay a lot of money for ugly dresses that they will never be able to wear again (stop fooling yourselves, they will never be re-used)? Well, that last tradition is about to become a thing of the past, since Rent the Runway just launched a bridal department. For those unfamiliar with the site, Rent the Runway is free to join and browse, and rather than shelling out big bucks for a designer creation, you pay a small fraction of the retail price to borrow it.

"Bridesmaids dresses are the quintessential dress women only wear once," Rent the Runway president and co-founder Jenny Fleiss said in a release, "with Rent the Runway Weddings, we'll finally solve the '27 Dresses' problem." Rent the Runway Weddings just launched on January 18, and boasts awesome bridesmaid collections from designers like Badgley Mischka, Robert Rodriguez, and Nicole Miller. Browsing through these bridesmaid dresses actually makes us want to wear one! (Has anyone ever said that before?) Forget buying a cheap, unflattering dress at David's Bridal. Now you can be photographed wearing a Badgley Mischka bridesmaid dress, which would cost over $300, for $65!Dresses come in up to four styles and four seasonal colors created exclusively for the site. Also available are dresses for the bride to wear to the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and reception. We love the "little white dress" category for when brides want to hop out of their gowns and into something more dance appropriate. All bridal attire can be reserved for eight days, and they've made returning a cinch.

Brides of the future: please do us all a favor and let us rent these pretty, flattering gowns, and not wind up with 27 ugly themed garments taking up room in our closets like Katherine Heigl. And current bridesmaids: feel free to send this article over to the bride-to-be and spare her from her potential bridezilla fate.

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