Yesterday, Claire Danes Looked Prettier Than Ever--Let's Break Down Exactly Why

by Petra Guglielmetti

Chris Jackson / Getty ImagesChris Jackson / Getty Images
If you don't already have a slight girlcrush on current Glamour cover girl Claire Danes, you will after seeing how gorgeous she looked yesterday at the 20th Annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert press conference in Norway.

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I think this might be Claire's prettiest hair and makeup look of all time--do you agree? The waves give her a soft, romantic vibe that we never get to see her wear on Homeland, and the golden color looks so flattering and natural. Now take a closer look at that lovely makeup.

Chris Jackson / Getty ImagesChris Jackson / Getty ImagesShe has silvery-gray pencil smudged softly on her lids and beneath her eyes, with the prettiest rosy lipstick color-which is traced ever-so-subtly outside her lips to make them appear fuller.

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What do you think of Claire Danes' hair and makeup here? Do you like seeing her a little more glamorous than she gets to be as Carrie on Homeland?

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