You'll Never Believe Which Stars Sell the Most Magazines

By Perrie Samotin, StyleCaster

Vanity Fair Take a wild guess why we're seeing an influx of long-dead famous people covering magazines like Vanity Fair lately? Give up? It's because they sell mags better than most living celebrities!

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According to WWD, Vanity Fair's bestseller so far this year was the issue that featured a photo of a young Audrey Hepburn, which sold 308,000 copies, which was nearly 100,000 more than the worst-seller, Taylor Swift in April, who sold a little more than 211,000 copies.

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The highbrow culture glossy has made something of a habit in recent years putting glamorous, intriguing dead celebrities on its covers, including Hepburn, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and, as WWD pointed out, the Kennedys "who practically deserve posthumous contributing editor credits for the number of appearances they've notched over the years."

Same goes for Town & Country who also occasionally places "lifestyle-y" dead celebrities on its covers, like Ronald Reagan in November.

The reason for this, asserts WWD, isn't unlike Hollywood's attempt to revive faded brands, like "The Lone Ranger." There's the expectation they still have some interest, and that the public is more likely to respond to them than a new face.

Apart from dead celebrities, however, it's one very alive star that seems to move the most magazines when featured on covers: Beyoncé.

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