Your Dancing Style

Happy May Day! Whether you dance around the May pole, or tango to really get your blood moving, your astrological sign plays a role in setting your tempo. Read on to find out what your rhythm is.

Ever ephemeral, Aries is light on their feet. When the music starts to play, the Ram intuitively lets the rhythm move them, no matter what that rhythm may be. From rock to waltz to salsa, there's no dance step this twinkle-toes can't pick up in flash.

Taurus always likes to know what the DJ is going to play ahead of time, so they can practice their dance steps at home. But once the careful Bull gets the basics down in front of the mirror, there's no stopping them when they hit the dance floor. Arm in arm with their partner, Taurus takes a strikingly sensual turn.

Gemini can never decide: hip-hop or foxtrot? Waltz or modern dance? Toe shoes or tap? More often than not, the Twins decides to go both ways, which can be a little confusing for their dance partner. Luckily, Gemini is so attractive that most of the folks on their dance card will do their best to follow along, no matter what comes next.

Cancer always goes deep, and dancing is no exception. The super-emotional Crab doesn't just dance -- they get out on the dance floor (or up on the table) and let the music take them, from the tops of their heads all the way down to their tippy-toes. Whether Cancer rocks out or does a pas de chat, it comes straight from the heart.

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Leo may not be the world's most coordinated dancer out on the floor, but they just might be the person having the most fun out there. Yep, when the Lion gets passionate, the Lion goes for it -- whether they know the moves or not. Lucky for them, there's nothing sexier than not caring about how cool you look.

Virgo prefers the box step. Yep, when it comes to dancing, the Virgin appreciates precision. They like a dance you have to practice with plenty of patience. If necessary, of course, the Virgin can shake it freestyle too -- but given a choice, they'll take the traditional route.

Libra likes to do the swim. Libra loves to do the running man. Libra isn't so crazy about moshing. Why? The Scales like all their dance steps to involve a certain amount of symmetry. You plug your nose with the left hand and make a stroking movement with your right, then switch. That way, figures Libra, you get a well-balanced workout!

When Scorpio hits the dance floor, watch out. The oh-so-sensual Scorpion sets the disco on fire with their slinky moves. Everybody under the old disco ball is going to want to partner up with hip-shaking, heat-breaking Scorpio, but it could well be that Scorpio isn't quite ready to commit to a consort just yet.

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Sagittarius has traveled far and wide -- and on each of their journeys, they made sure to learn the local dances. So when the Archer hears the music play, they're ready with an impressive host of exotic moves. No wonder they're such a favorite at parties.

When the panpipes start playing, Capricorn puts on their dancing shoes and perks up. The Goat has a natural sense of rhythm, and there's nothing they like better than dancing the night away under a starry night sky.

Aquarius might sit the night out. The Water Bearer has a keen sense for music, but they'd rather hum the tune from the edge of the dance floor and watch the rest of the crowd let loose than get in there and shake it up themselves.

Pisces is a little shy, but that won't last forever. Once the Fish gets warmed up, they like to give it all they've got. But Pisces's dance style will always be more free-form than picture-perfect. With a little space, a little music and a little license to do just what they feel, Pisces is happy as a clam.

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