Your Spring Cleaning Style

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to some serious spring-cleaning, or does even the thought of a sponge make you cringe? See what your cleaning style -- or lack thereof -- is according to your astrological sign.

You get competitive over who's the speediest sweeper or whose rag is dustiest.

The Bull goes over the same spot a million times with the vacuum, refusing to bend down to pick up the offending crumb.

You finish your chores in half the time of everyone else.

You get preoccupied with your photo collection.

The Lion spends all day polishing down the mirrors.

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You're so thorough, the house is already spotless -- no matter what season!

You keep saying, 'Don't I look adorable in this apron?'

You make the bed, fluff the pillows and ask for a volunteer to test it out with you.

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You don't like being stuck inside. Go outside and have some fun riding your lawnmower.

You weigh the pros, cons and financial incentives of the cleaning job, and may decide to go with a better offer.

You organize your piles of junk into charity, recycle and compost.

You start to do the windows but keep staring out into the yard, daydreaming.

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