Zac Posen's 24-Karat Gold Dress Costs HOW Much??

By Samantha Yu, Refinery29

Yes, Zac Posen has indeed designed an entire gown made out of gold. Not gold fabric, but actual 24-karat paillettes. Okay, truth be told - paillettes covered in 24-karat gold leaf. But, still! An entire dress with $1.5 million worth of material!

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In honor of Magnum's new Gold?! sea-salt caramel, vanilla-bean ice cream bar, Posen designed the dress with "a serious couture structure, even though it looks like a bias moving dress." The garment took two months to make - one to sew on the sequins followed by another for fittings and perfecting.

Without a doubt, model Caroline Correa, who is also featured in Magnum's short film, As Good As Gold, looked absolutely dazzling on the red carpet. Now, if we could just snag ourselves our own custom-designed gold gown.

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