Zoe Saldana’s Laid-Back Style

By Ann Csincsak, Vintage Sweet & Chic for CupidsPulse.com

The fast rising star of the new hit film 'The Words,' Zoe Saldana, gets a top-tier award for her easy laid-back style. She always dresses to impress, even in her everyday denim. She takes a t-shirt and makes it special with eye-catching accessories and flawless makeup. If you're looking for a great weekend outfit to wear on a daytime date or out to a lunch at your local farmer's market, take a look at Zoe before heading out the door.

1. J. Crew Basic White Tee, $25

2. J Brand Skinny Leg Jeans (actual), $175

3. Asos Tassel Crossbody Bag, $26

4. Rocker Bracelet Set (shoplately.com), $16

1. Knitted Blue Cardigan (ROMWE.com),

2. Bacio 61 Estatto, $160

3. Waverly Cory Satchel, $295

4. Grey and White Striped Tee (sheinside.com), $33

5. J Brand Maria High-Rise (actual), $220

No matter what your style, remember to stay true to yourself and you will always look amazing! Follow the trends, but don't be afraid to change them and step out on your own, just like Zoe