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9 Great Father's Day Gift Ideas
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No matter what kind of father you have—a dapper dad or a preppy pop; a baseball lover or a wanna-be bartender—get him a Fathe…


Treat Dad to a sports-themed day with a trip …


The man of the house will be feeling the love…

  • With Father's Day coming up this weekend, many are scrambling their pennies together to find a gift worthy of the special guy in their life, but you don't have to spend a lot of money to show dear old dad how much you care. Here are ten ways to give dad a great gift without having to spend more than you can afford.

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    1. Unplug and Head for the Hills

    family hiking

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    One of the best gifts you can give to dad is your undivided attention. Turn off the cell phones, video games, computers, and televisions, and pack the family into the car for a trip to the local hiking trails or beach for some quality family time without any distraction. Other than the gas money to get you all there, this gift is free and is sure to be a day that he'll remember forever.

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    2. Peace and Quiet

    dad relaxing

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    What would dad do if he had a block of time to himself? Read a book? G

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  • By Amy Shearn, REDBOOK

    My guys.

    My guys.

    (No offense to other dads or my own dad, who is also the Best Dad Ever.)

    10. Bedtime.
    It has recently been called to my attention that not all men come home from a long day at work just dying to cuddle with their kids and read 74 stories. My husband loves bedtime. This is saying something, since getting our 3-year-old to succumb to sleep is something akin to roping a bucking bronco. It takes patience and advanced skill-even brute strength. But if he's home for bedtime, Daddy is the Baryshnikov of cuddles, the Pavarotti of lullabies, and the Mutumbo of swatting away stalling requests.

    9. Couch caves.
    Now and then I'll walk into the living room to find the rest of the family has disappeared, replaced by a large, lumpy, giggling mass of blanketry. "Don't bother us! We're in the caves!" they call. That's okay, I was just passing through on my way to clean something. Don't mind me, folks. Please continue your sofa spelunking.

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  • Writer Buzz Bishop with his father

    Writer Buzz Bishop with his father

    It's Father's Day Week, so it's time to celebrate the men in your children's lives.

    This list celebrates dads in a way that underlines what we can do better than moms. This isn't to say dads are better than moms. These are just a few specific things that I happen to do better than my own wife. You can find an exception to each and every one of these rules, but these are the things I do best for my kids or my dad did best for me.

    I'm not trying to reignite the Parent Wars here, I'm just sayin' ... there are some things dads are AWESOME at.

    Each parent brings a specific skill set to the parenting team. It's true that moms can be better than dads at certain things, so I'm going to argue these are 8 things dads do best:

    Winning Midway Prizes

    Winning Midway Prizes

    1. Winning Midway Prizes

    Perhaps it's our stubborn streak and competitive fire (or maybe all that time we spent trying to impress your mom at carnivals), but our desire to beat the games on the midway is only limited by the number of coins in our pocket.

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  • NBA player and fatherhood book author Etan Thomas with two of his children.

    Fatherhood--it's more important than ever. More is expected of men, and research shows that guys in are delivering. Fathers have doubled the amount of time they spend with their children since 1995. The stay-at-home-dad is becoming more common. And fathers have even lately been on the receiving end of some good old-fashioned parenting guilt of the type usually aimed at moms. A study published this week (just in time for Father's Day!) in the Personality and Social Psychology Journal indicated that children are more harmed by disengaged and rejecting dads than they are by disengaged and rejecting moms.

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    In the spirit of celebrating dads for what they're doing right, Yahoo! Shine asked parenting experts, daddy bloggers and even some layman-dads for their thoughts on the formative experiences of fatherhood. The following are the moments to treasure, the things not to miss, and all the other little exp

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  • By Alicia Harper, REDBOOK

    Aiden and me.

    On Father's Day, my Facebook newsfeed will undoubtedly fill up with well wishes to "all the good dads out there" (emphasis on "good") and "all the single moms who have to play the part of both 'father' and 'mother.'" Every year, these status updates appear in my newsfeed, and every year I cringe a little while reading them.

    Then, there are the folks who wish me a "Happy Father's Day." I guess they see me as the single mom who has to play both roles. In the past, I never really knew how to respond to those remarks because, quite frankly, it made me a bit uncomfortable. This year, however, I fully intend on dishing out a response along the lines of "Thanks, but I'm not Aiden's father." (In a polite way, of course.)

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    I know that these folks have good intentions and that these kind words are coming from a good place. Often times, single mothers have to do twice as much as their paired-up counterparts-b

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