My favorite hair tips and tricks from Pinterest

Pinterest is a wealth of ideas and information, especially when it comes to hair. I love to scroll through for interesting ideas, styles, and hair products to try. Because as a hairstylist, I'm always looking for something new, and Pinterest is a great place to start. You'll find hair styles for all types of hair, ideas that are easy to try, and styles to take to your hairdresser, too. Pin the things you like for later, and scroll right past the rest. Here are a few hair pins to get you started.

Hair chalking. Hair chalking is a great way to test out funky colors in your hair without any kind of commitment. This pin not only tells you how to get started with hair chalking, it tells you what supplies you will need and what pitfalls to avoid. Hair chalking is simple enough to do yourself, or you can share the idea with your favorite stylist. Best of all, it washes out easily.

Damp hair tips. I am notorious for going to bed with wet hair, and I usually regret in the morning. I end up having to dampen my hair and style it anyway. But this pin has 3 great tips for waking up with more gorgeous hair- whether you want more volume, less frizz, or great looking waves. This pin will tell you how to do it. I especially like the idea for adding volume to fine hair.

Hair smoothie. This pin is a link to a blog called, Pink Pistachio. You may have to scroll down to find the right post, but it is there. This pin links to a post about a hair smoothie that you make right in your own kitchen. I wouldn't drink it, but it sounds delightful for your hair. Including ingredients such as yogurt and banana, this smoothie will infuse nutrients and moisture directly into your hair. The author of the blog has bleach blond hair, which always needs extra help in the moisture department.

Dry Shampoo Secrets. The same blog has a great post about dry shampoo, one of my absolute favorite products. Just follow the pin and it will take you right there. One of my favorite things about dry shampoo is the extra body that it gives me.

Knot your average pony. This pin is a nifty way to add interest to a boring a ponytail. There is no link to follow, just a picture on the pin. Simply create a side pony, and knot it to create a beautiful ponytail.

Create a chignon. This picture shows one of the easiest ways to create a beautiful chignon. My own hair is too short to make this happen, but if your hair is shoulder length or longer, it should work great. You start with a loose ponytail, and simply twist it into itself to make the chignon. There are no real directions provided, but the easy to follow pictures tell you everything you need to know.

These pins will get you started finding the greatest hair ideas on Pinterest. For more ideas, just type "hair tips" into the search box and you'll find more ideas than you could ever imagine. Enjoy!