My favorite thrift store decorating finds under $5

Even when I go on vacation, I like to troll the local thrift store for special decorating finds. If you know how to see past the dust, you can discover wonderful ways of adding beauty to your home for just a few dollars. Here are the seven decorating finds I came across on my recent thrift store treasure hunt.

Decorative Hats ($1)

To decorate the wall by my entryway, I hung a line of pegs, which I wished to decorate with hats. At a thrift store I found lovely straw, felt and leather hats for a $1 each. The fact that the hats looked a little old-fashioned merely added to their decorative appeal.

Brown Glazed Ceramic Vase ($3)

Every thrift store carries vases and jugs, and you are likely to find beautiful pieces for under $5. The glazed vase I found had no chips or flaws. I knew the color would blend well with the earth tones of my living room decor. I now decorate my living room coffee table or kitchen island as the mood strikes me.

Charming Herb Pictures ($4)

Though thrift store pictures are often piled together, it pays to sift through them. At the bottom of the pile, I found two charming green-framed herb pictures with the original price tag still on them. Once priced for $14.99, I paid 74% less.

Figurines ($4)

Reproductions of famous sculptures can be found at thrift stores for just a few dollars. Typically the statues are scratched, dirty or chipped. But you can easily give the facade a new sheen by painting the statue with the color of your choice. I found a statue of kissing lovers, which I intend to paint in bronze and decorate my home office.

Wine Glasses ($1)

I have one kitchen cabinet with glass doors. At the thrift store I found beautiful wine glasses in a range of hues and shapes. Though I may not ordinarily buy such a medley of glasses, they came together beautifully behind my glass doors, giving my kitchen cabinet a sophisticated look.

Music Box ($2)

Little knick knacks are especially lovely to find, and my favorites are music boxes. I found a heart shaped enamel box, which I now display on my nightstand. Even if you find a working music box that looks a little beat up, you can paint its exterior to give it a beautiful new surface.

Model Ships ($4)

In a corner of the thrift store I discovered a collection of sailing ship models. Though a little dusty, the ships were all in great shape. Using a hair dryer, I blew the dust off the ships when I got home. I now display the ships on my dining room cadenza.

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