Can $1 Change the World?

by Stephanie Berenbaum - September 26th, 2012


Day of Atonement

Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement - a time for looking back over the past year, asking for forgiveness for wrongdoings and thinking about what you want to do differently over the coming year. Don't worry - if you have a long list, you're not alone!

No matter what religion you are, taking a day to reflect and really think about the changes you want to make in your own life seems like a good idea to us…

Nourishment for Body and Soul

One of the most famous aspects of Yom Kippur is that it involves a day long fast. Anyone who has ever fasted knows it is impossible to do so and not think about those around the world who are hungry and malnourished on a daily basis. Which immediately got us thinking about one of our favorite Fab & Fru charities - Planting Peace.

A Little Goes a Long Waym12240097_giving_hands_with_change_514x260

In this economy, many people feel since their own finances are so depleted there is no way they can help others in need. Many of us may be reflecting today and wishing we had been able to do more to help those in need during the past year. But there are charities out there - like Planting Peace - where pennies can literally save lives!

The HUGE Difference a Dollar Makes

We've written in the past about how Planting Peace is tackling (among other issues) the problem of intestinal worms in children around the world. These worms cause severe malnourishment in children. But these deadly worms can be stopped with the use of de-worming medication - which costs only $1 for 67 doses! You READ that correctly. So don't think that just because you don't have much to give you may as well not give at all. You just need to know which charities really know how to stretch a buck. Planting Peace even has a calculator on their site so you can type in the amount of your donation and see how many children you are helping.

Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 2.30.08 PMMake a Difference Today

So, yes, it turns out just $1 really can help save lives. Whether it's Planting Peace or another charity, and whether you are observing Yom Kippur or not, we think it's a great day to reflect on your own life. And realize that even with limited finances, you can start making a difference - today!

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