9 Ways to Plan an Affordable Spring Break!

Just because your bank account looks a little grim doesn't mean you can't afford a Spring Break getaway. With a little bit of research, and some creativity, you can have a kick butt vacay! Keep reading for our tips on having an inexpensive, yet awesome SB!

1. Be Open-Minded

Groupon, the website that offers serious discounts on things like haircuts, restaurants and fitness classes, also has discounts on hotel rooms. Sign up for the Groupon Getaways email list, and get daily deals for travel. While there may not always be a discount for the exact place you've been dreaming to visit, checking out the deals opens up your eyes to so many potential vacay spots! The offers change daily, so keep a lookout for something that appeals to you. Gilt Group's Jetsetter is another site that provides similar discounts.

TIP: Check airfare prices for your destination before committing to the deal. You don't want to be stuck with a hotel room, but no way of getting to it! Also, be sure to check the fine print, so your Groupon doesn't expire before your school's break.

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Research deals on-line.

2. Travel in Groups

EF College Break runs budgeted group travel trips for students. This means, less organizing for you and an opportunity to meet new friends! Even though the prices may seem a bit steep, they are actually really budget friendly - prices generally include airfare, accommodation, breakfast, guided tours, and admission into attractions. Talk about bang for your buck!

TIP: Traveling with friends isn't just fun, it can help cut costs! Sharing a hotel room divides the cost between a group of people, making lodging expenses easier to handle.

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Travel in Groups

3. Shorten Your Trip

Spring Break doesn't have to be a seven to ten day trip. A long weekend away is the perfect compromise between your wallet and your spring break fun. Living Social Adventures offers deals on trips that range from one day to four days. The adventures include seriously fun activities, so you definitely won't be bored!

TIP: Look for fun attractions within driving distance of your house, so you can plan your own weekend getaway. Grab a friend, and hit the road, for a memorable and affordable trip.

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Shorten Your Trip

4. Use A Student Discount

Having student status can seriously work to your, and your bank account's, advantage. STA Travel provides really awesome student discounts on everything from flights, to hotels to guided tours. And, the site makes it super easy to plan your trip! They'll provide you with helpful tips for traveling, like info on travel insurance and using international cell phones.

TIP: Always ask for a student discount, especially at museums and clothing stores. You'll be surprised by the places where you can save a buck or two just for being a student!

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Use your student discount to save.

5. Try All-Inclusive

Booking an all-inclusive package will help to eliminate spending on your actual trip. Prepaying for things, like food, will help you to keep your wallet in your purse on your vacay. This means no stressing about spending when you're supposed to be relaxing. Paying a little extra to have a travel agent, like AAA, plan your trip may be a good investment when taking the all-inclusive route. Or, opt to buy a package through a website, like Student City, whose all-inclusive packages are geared towards college-aged students.

TIP: Comparing prices will assure you that you are getting the best deal for your trip. Using sites, like Orbitz and Expedia, will help you to easily compare flight prices between airlines, as well as hotel prices.

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Try All-Inclusive trips

6. Stay on the Ground

You don't have to go overseas for a memorable Spring Break. Believe it or not, there are a ton of hot spots in your very own country! Staying in the U.S. can eliminate the expensive cost of airfare. Taking a bus, like Mega Bus or Bolt Bus, or a train, like Amtrak, can save you tons of money, especially if you book in advance! If you prefer the car, take matters into your own hands and plan a road trip!

TIP: Another way to save money on airfare is to use reward points. Ask your parents if they are part of any frequent flyer or hotel reward programs. If you say please, they might want to share their points with you! For those who go to school far from family, and have to fly home, sign up for your own airline reward program, and save your points for spring break.

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Stay on the ground.

7. Visit Friends

Remember your BFF from elementary school that moved when you were in the fifth grade? There's no better time to visit her then on spring break! While you'll have to pay for transportation, you'll save costs by having a couch to crash on, and you'll get to meet her new friends! Or, consider visiting fam to catch up with your favorite cuz.

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Visit old friends during spring break

8. School Trips: Going on a school trip is great, because often times the school will provide students with fund-raising opportunities to help cut the cost. Consider going on your school's senior trip, or become an active member of a club that organizes an annual trip.

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Try school trips for spring break.

9. Get Your Family Involved: Try organizing a trip for your family. Your initiative and responsibility may inspire your parents to pitch in for a family vacay! If hanging with your 'rents isn't your ideal SB, get your friends' families involved, too! Mom and Dad will have people their own age to hang with, so they'll stay out of your hair. And, groups equals discounts! Cha-ching!

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Get your family involved this spring break.

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