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By Alyssa Goldman,

Remember when you cut coupons from the Sunday newspaper in order to cut your grocery bill? That chore is a relic of the past now that technology has revolutionized the coupon-clipping game. The current generation of mobile apps and grocery websites not only saves you money, but also helps you earn cash back.

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Following is a list of free, must-have mobile coupon apps you should download ASAP and two grocery websites to add to your favorites.

Use coupon apps to save money on your grocery bill!

ibotta and Endorse. Both of these free mobile coupon apps work with Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. These apps turn smart phones into the ultimate tool for collecting on cash-back opportunities. ibotta and Endorse let users upload grocery receipts for return cash thatgoes directly into your PayPal account or can be donated to a U.S. school. With both mobile coupon apps you'll receive personalized product deals based on past purchases.

Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper. This free mobile coupon app for Android phones eliminates the legwork associated with getting the best deal. It matches products advertised in major circulars from big-name retailers, such as CVS, Walgreens, and Target, with current coupons, complete with links to printable coupons or information about when to browse the local newspaper. At the register, add your store discount card into the mix for maximum savings.

Retail Me Not. Another free mobile coupon app for Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Retail Me Not lets you save when and where you want, just as its motto says. As you make your way through your favorite stores at the mall, Retail Me Not alerts you to location-based deals. Plus, you'll have access to an extensive assortment of coupons and promo codes for almost anything, from clothes and electronics to food and entertainment.

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The Coupons App. The Coupons App earns enthusiastic praise from users and technology sites for delivering real-time coupons and updates for stores, restaurants, and gas stations. Free to users of Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices, it boasts a built-in barcode reader that lets you scan a barcode and search for deals on that particular product. Another standout feature, coupon updates, makes it easy to find deals nearby. The Coupons App scores four stars at Amazon for the wide variety of deals and the ability to cash them in, hassle-free, at different retailers. At App Brain it earns more than four stars for helping users save lots of money at once and To Muse likes that you can search deals by title or bar code. Babble includes this mobile coupons app in its list of 50 Best Apps for Parents in 2012.

Count the money you'll save.

SnipSnap. This is the first app that lets you take a picture of a printed coupon and flash it in the store on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (sorry, no Android compatibility at the moment). Don't have any coupons that suit your fancy? Search this free mobile coupon app's database, which holds tens of thousands of coupons issued by major retailers such as Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Plus, SnipSnap reminds you when an expiration date is approaching. According to Ted Mann, SnipSnap's CEO and founder, this mobile coupon app helps users save, on average, $40 a week. The app has been praised in media outlets, such as "The Today Show" and Tech Crunch. Customers also give SnipSnap rave reviews -- version 2.1 receives four-and-a-half stars on iTunes.

My Grocery Deals. The old paper-and-pen grocery list is so 1995. Get with the 21st century by registering with My Grocery Deals and create a list while simultaneously finding and comparing deals at various big-name grocery stores. This grocery website also lets you browse deals and coupons available at your store of choice and/or relevant to your zip code.

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Shortcuts. Think of Shortcuts as your own Santa's little helper. Use this grocery website to find out what's on sale at a location near you. The best part about the site: It lets you put electronic coupons directly onto your store savings cards. When you swipe your card at checkout, the coupons will automatically be credited to your bill. You can shop at any of the partnering stores -- more than 1,200 -- and earn up to 26 percent cash back on each purchase; a check is mailed to you every three months. The site also offers printable and mobile coupons in addition to coupon codes.

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