What to Buy in March

By Raechel Conover, Cheapism.com

Although the weather may be variable, retailers stick to a seasonal schedule, which means savings for the smart consumer. Use this post-holiday, season-transition month to score deals on winter sports equipment and luggage. Many of our February deals may still be in effect, albeit with smaller selections on goods such as boats and Valentine's Day chocolate. Other items to buy in March include jewelry and an array of in-season fruits and vegetables and discounted frozen foods.

Now is an excellent time to purchase jewelry.

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Jewelry. Now that Valentine's Day has passed and there aren't any major gift-giving holidays on the horizon, jewelers are even more eager to sell merchandise. And let's not forget all the Valentine's Day gifts returned by picky romantic partners. With a lull in sales compared to February and higher inventory due to returns, March may be one of the best months to buy diamonds, gold, and other jewelry.

Frozen Foods. March is National Frozen Food month, so manufacturers and grocers alike pump up promotions on frozen meals and other foodstuffs. Take a tip from extreme couponing and use your coupons during ongoing supermarket sales to stock up on frozen goods. As mentioned in our essential pantry staples post, frozen vegetables are long-lasting and nutritious standbys that offer a myriad of fast and cheap meal ideas.

Seasonal Sporting Gear and Apparel. Ski and snowboard season is coming to a close, so take advantage of this moment -- retailers need to clear out old merchandise to make room for the new. Lower prices on skis, snowboards, equipment, and apparel make these wares good to buy in March. But watch out for the spring merchandise hitting the racks. Wait a few months to catch the best sales on spring wear because the beginning of a season is rarely the time to find the best prices.

Luggage. Now that snowbirds have returned and winter travel season is over, it's time to replace that old carry-on. Find luggage bargains to buy in March, when the gap between the winter and summer travel seasons means sales slow and new models roll in. Check our recommendations for the best cheap luggage and be on the lookout for deals throughout the month.

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Electronics. While March isn't the usual month for video game discounts, Deal News reports there's a chance the PlayStation 3 (PS3) will be reduced this month following the late February unveiling of the new PlayStation 4 (PS4). Historically this has happened with most major gaming systems after a newer version is introduced but before being released to the public. Expect serious deals on the PS3 when the PS4 actually shows up in stores, probably in time for the 2013 holiday shopping season. And remember, the PS3 is an excellent gaming system and one of the best Blu-ray players on the market today.

In general, March is a weird shopping month and not the best time to buy most electronic items. With the Super Bowl coming and going and the holiday rush long gone, for example, March is never a good time to buy a TV.

Get a gym membership before the summer begins.

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Gym Memberships and Spring Cleaning. Gym memberships are also a bust this month. Gyms are still full with clients trying to meet their New Year's resolutions while getting ready for bathing suit season. If you can manage on your own, wait until the summer season when gyms want to entice you inside even though the great outdoors beckon.

Finally, while you may be rearing to get a head start on spring cleaning, the vacuum industry says "not yet." New research by Deal News suggests that the best time to score a vacuum deal is during November.

Foods in season. Eat healthy and cheaply by cooking seasonally. Foods to buy in March include nutritious greens like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, asparagus, and lettuce while winter's bounty of root vegetables such as parsnips, radishes, leeks, and shallots, are still available. Artichokes, avocados, peas, lemons, limes, grapefruit, tangerines, and oranges are also plentiful throughout the month. Find everything you need to make a roasted vegetable dish or a colorful salad.

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