Designer Trends at Knock-Off Prices

Who wants to pay a week's salary for a pair of designer pumps? After all, fashion doesn't have to cost a fortune, especially when high-end styles can be found at bargain-basement prices. Only you and your wallet will notice the difference between the runway "real deal" and its knock-off.

We tapped personal stylist Amy Salinger and founder of for the faux fashion skinny on some of the best designer and brand-name label knock-offs trending this season.

Fedora Hats

$175 versus $11

This classic hat has been around for more than a century, but it's been trending quite a bit lately, since it looks pretty cool on just about anyone, Salinger says.

At the high-end you can spend upwards of $200 on Fedora hats. For example, Rag & Bone is selling them for $175. But if you don't want to spend big bucks on what is, after all, a simple straw hat, you can find its near-identical twin at discount stores like Forever 21 for as little as $11.

Stores like Forever 21, H&M, Wet Seal, etc., are in the business of replication. They're closely following the runway shows and sometimes come out with designer knock-offs before latest high-end styles even make a public appearance.

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Hot Colored Wayfarer Shades

$120 versus $12

The must-have summer styles are bright-colored Rayban Wayfarers. They'll run you about $120, but Salinger found replicas for just $12 at ALDO's.

Printed Scarves

$295 versus $10

Printed silk scarves were all over the fashion runways recently, says Salinger. They're perfect for summer days with a tee or on cold nights around a leather jacket. The top-name designers all have their own collections. For example, a Versace silk patterned scarf goes for $295. But, lucky for us budgetistas, Salinger found knock-off versions for $10 at H&M.

Mini Leather Satchels or Messenger Bags

$980 versus $99

A retro chic style that's caught the attention of every lady on the go is the mini leather satchel. It's great for traveling or when you just want to give your shoulders and arms a rest from carrying your big old tote around all week. Salinger says top designers like Fendi are making beautiful bright-colored ones this year for upwards of $1,000. A recent trip to DSW, however, uncovered a similar-looking bag for $99. Keep in mind, inventory is constantly changing at off-price stores like DSW, TJ Maxx and Marshall's, so if you're in the mood for a treasure hunt, these retailers will suit your fancy.

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Tribal Jewelry

$350 versus $45

"This season is all about tribal," says Salinger. Chunky wooden pieces can add a strong statement to any outfit and everyone from designers to everyday retailers and even street vendors are getting in on the trend. Donna Karen, for examples, makes a beautiful chunky wooden bracelet for approximately $350. On the knock-off end, Salinger found its faux twin for $45 at Banana Republic.

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Floral Pumps

$800 versus $80

It's not for everyone's tastes, but, floral pumps are popping up everywhere, says Salinger. Top designers, including Altuzarra, are selling them for as much as $800 a pair, but take off a zero and find a similar-looking pair at ALDO for just $80.

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