How Your Sun Sign Influences Your Spending Habits

How Your Sun Sign Influences Your Spending Habits
Given the unique nature of each Sun sign, certain individuals are better suited to saving money, while others thrive on spending a buck or two. Where do you fit in on the saving-spending spectrum?

Aries, Sagittarius
The impulsive nature of these Fire signs indicates that spending is a top priority for them. If Aries and Sagittarius can channel this predilection toward investments -- something that comes with the sort of risk their competitive Fire energy loves -- they'll combine that urge to splurge with the potential of stashing money away for the future. Credit cards and sales are no friend of theirs, as they simply facilitate these signs' buy-now-pay-later mentality.

Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio
These four signs are typically practical with money. Virgo and Capricorn each possess a security-conscious Earth influence -- a great help when trying to plan in the long-term. Scorpio likes to stay in control and doesn't spend unnecessarily, while Cancer is cautious and thrifty. Saving is almost second-nature to these signs -- so if one of these is you, you might want to indulge a little more frequently!

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Gemini, Pisces
Somewhat flighty signs, Gemini and Pisces are easily distracted, so clear planning is a must for them. Gemini's weakness is communication, devices, and clothing; Pisces, meanwhile, spends when funds are plentiful, but is able to lay low when they're not. Both signs require a savings-first routine to ensure they have something left over for the future.

Libra, Aquarius
Relatively focused Air signs, Libra and Aquarius can be enticed to spend on entertainment or technology -- but thankfully, they possess the discipline to defeat any impulses to overspend. Creating a budget helps them stay on track with savings goals. As the most human signs of the zodiac, they're well-suited to applying mind over matter.

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Taurus, Leo
Both Taurus and Leo like nice things, but with slightly different intentions. Earth sign Taurus craves comfort and quality, and will shop around to get the best value for money. Dynamic Leo's love of luxury means they can get lured into buying because of a brand name. Still, saving for the future while spending to enjoy life in the present is possible for this pair of signs.

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