Finding a balance between sports and schoolwork

Many parents and kids today struggle to find that perfect balance between schoolwork and sports. While most parents agree that schoolwork needs to come first, sports inevitably poses a challenge. Many kids have committed to a team sport, and by skipping practice, skipping a game, or letting sports slide for the sake of schoolwork often means letting the team your child has committed to down in some way. Yet few kids will go on to enjoy a successful career as a professional athlete, and so studies do need to take priority.

By finding a balance between sports and schoolwork, you can minimize the chances that these two will conflict. Here are some tips to help you and your child out:

Promote Time Management Skills: Student athletes are very busy individuals, and the only way to accomplish everything that needs to be done during the day is to manage time better. Consider helping your child finding a better study environment so study time can be more efficient. Consider opting for practices or training sessions on days when schoolwork is minimal. There are many ways to promote time management, and as a parent, you can help with this.

Monitor Your Child's Studies: The older your child gets, the more difficult it seems to be to keep tabs on schoolwork on grades. At some point, you may only see a report card ever few months as a sign of progress your child is making with studies. As a parent, you can be proactive in monitoring studies. Ask to see your child's planner so you can ensure big reports, projects, and presentations can be worked on well ahead of time. For older kids, you don't want to babysit as a teen needs to learn to take responsibility at some point. Yet with so many things that may be going through your busy child's mind on a given day, some tips and advice to keep your child's schedule on track may prove to be helpful.

Suggest Options: Every student athlete has that crunch time that may include tryouts or a big tournament combined with a major exam or project due around the same time. School and sports inevitably will collide even with the best of efforts on your part and your child's part. Help your child to strategize for a way to accomplish both options. Is there an alternate test date or will the teacher allow a make-up date for a presentation? Otherwise, can the project or test be completed earlier ahead of the sports event? It can be difficult to reschedule a sports event, but often a sympathetic teacher will provide your child with some flexibility if you ask.

Sports and schoolwork can be a challenge, but with the right mentality and planning, it doesn't have to be quite so challenging after all.

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