Five Creative Ways to Spend a Snow Day With Your Sweetheart

Make Your Next Snow Day One to Remember!

There is something magical about snow days. Being told I shouldn't go outside should open up a world of possibilities for what I could do with that day... but sometimes I find I waste them away with ho-hum tasks. Yes, my husband and I could cuddle up on the couch and watch TV all day, get some much-needed cleaning accomplished, or sleep far too many hours, but when we looked back at our snow day, it would seem more like we were held captive rather than taken our snow day for all it was worth. The next time you and your sweetheart find yourselves cooped up in a blizzard and leaning toward the obvious, step outside the box and consider these five creative ways to spend a snow day.

1. Cook up a new recipe. You have to eat, and you can't go to the grocery store. Rather than resorting to cereal or grilled cheese, try something new! Cross-reference your pantry against your cookbook and see how creative you can get with the ingredients at your disposal. You could take the route of throwing things together in a pot and seeing what happens... or, if you are a little more cautious, you could use a website like This website allows you to type in the ingredients you have and will suggest recipes you could make. You might end up with a new favorite meal!

2. Tell stories around a fire. Do you, like us, have a fireplace that never seems to get any use? Consider stepping back into the pastimes of old. Light a fire, make some hot chocolate, and tell stories around the roaring flames. Ask for stories of childhood memories, embarrassing moments, memorable holidays, and the near-death experiences. Not only will you have a cozy day in front of the fireplace, you will come away from the experience knowing a lot more about one another.

3. Make up some "Mad Libs." Mad Libs were one of my favorite childhood games. In case you're not familiar, Mad Libs are stories with words removed. Without reading the story or knowing what it's about, one person asks the other to provide the missing words based on their parts of speech (adjective, verb, noun, etc.). Hearing the story with the filled-in words can provide for hours of laughs! If you're feeling particularly creative, you can make up your own Mad Libs. Otherwise, you can visit websites like one to download as many Mad Libs as you like.

4. Create art with found objects. Feeling artistic? Go through your home, make a pile of what you might consider "junk," and turn it into art. As g christine explains in her article, "Making art with found objects is a fun way to use your creativity using old materials in a new way." My husband once made an outstanding piece of art by saving bottle caps for a summer and creating a large but classy Ohio State "Block O" for his wall. You probably can't make something that elaborate in one day, but you could certainly make a bracelet or collage that would always remind you of your fun day together.

5. Play dress up. I don't mean playing dress up in your parents' old clothes. Rather, go through your closets and pull out the clothes you haven't worn in ages. Try on old t-shirts and tell the stories behind them. Put together crazy outfits or combinations of clothes you may have never thought of before. If you find clothes you're sure you wouldn't or shouldn't wear again, but together a bag to take to Good Will as soon as the weather clears up.

Snow days are much more exciting when they are used as an opportunity to spend the day doing things out of the norm. They are like an unplanned holiday, and they deserve to be filled with unplanned fun. Whether you borrow these ideas or come up with your own, make your next snow day one to remember!


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