Five ways to get your 'fitness mojo' back this spring

We've all been there. Spring is right around the corner, and while we're excited for the bright sunshine and warmer weather, our fitness routine isn't where it needs to be. Sure, we had the best intentions back when we made those New Year's resolutions, but now we're either bored, slacking off, or have given up all together.

So what should you do? Since I know exactly what it's like to lose your motivation in a big way, here's a list of five ways to breathe some life back into your workout!

Update your playlist

Music is a great motivator. So many times, having a new playlist of tunes was the single greatest reason I got up and went for a run. There are a lot of websites with great workout playlists that are free, or just play DJ yourself and set up a mix to get you inspired to move!

Try something new

Maybe you've been doing too much of the same thing, and that's why you're not feeling great about your workout, so try a different approach. Things like Zumba, Pilates, and yoga typically have free introductory courses that can give you a sample of what it's all about. Or maybe just go for a walk and enjoy some scenery!

Treat yourself to something

Something as simple as a new pair of shoes, or a new case for your iPod, is something to make you look forward to your workouts. That, and once you make even the littlest of investments into your fitness, you don't want it to go to waste, so you're more likely to keep going. Reward yourself for just wanting to take care of yourself!


Sorry to admit it, but bribing myself totally works. For example, if I get five days of running in, I'll go get myself a manicure as a reward. If I run 100 miles, I'll treat myself to a new pair of shoes. It's simple, probably very wrong, but it works.

Set a tangible goal

Accountability is huge. If you sign up for a 5k next month and tell everyone about it, chances are you're going to show up and run it so you don't look like a lazy bum. Goals and accountability are important, and while you might not want to go as big as a race, or anything like that, you could do something in that realm. Maybe hiking a trail from beginning to end, or a whole month of spin classes...whatever it is, have that goal in mind and keep pushing yourself to achieve it.

So there you have it...five ways to get your fitness mojo back for the spring. You want to look and feel great when the weather gets nicer, so chase those motivation killers away now!