Four Quick Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Floor Clean

Daily Speed Cleaning Tips

Does cleaning the kitchen floor seem like a major pain? Are you embarrassed by all the dirt or debris that seems to collect on flooring surfaces? If so, these four simple tips can help ensure that your kitchen floor is always sparkling clean and ready for visitors. Best of all, you don't even have to drag out a messy wet mop or heavy vacuum!

1) Keep Your Kitchen Floor Clean by Changing Food Preparation Habits

Tweak how you handle food preparation and you could cut time spent cleaning your kitchen floor in half - or more. One of the quickest ways to keep apple cores, eggshells and other unwanted items from landing on your counter? A simple over the sink cutting board, preferably with a built-in bowl.

When you chop or peel fruits and vegetables, everything will either land on the chopping board or in the container. If you handle food prep with a cutting board set over a garbage disposal, you merely have to wash or wipe the board, dump the debris over the disposal, and watch everything disappear. No more messes on your counter. No more risk of food falling on the floor.

2) Quickly Clean Your Kitchen Floor with a Light Vac or a Dry Electrostatic Mop

Hang a light vac or dry electrostatic mop in a nearby closet or utility room. While it can be a pain to haul out a heavy vacuum cleaner or messy wet mop to clean your kitchen floor, you can grab lighter options and quickly get rid of dust and dirt. Take advantage of the time spent talking on the phone or waiting for a casserole to bake and speed clean your kitchen flooring. You'll be amazed at the difference this can make!

3) You can Clean your Kitchen Floor in an Instant if You Keep a Spray Bottle of Floor Cleaner Nearby

A quick solution for keeping your kitchen flooring clean is to stay on top of daily spills, spots, and splatters. This is a cinch if you have a simple spray bottle of floor cleaner nearby. Just be sure to use the right cleanser for your floor, whether it is vinyl, tile, hardwood or another kitchen flooring surface. A quick squirt on a food spill or dirt spot followed by a wipe of a paper or cloth kitchen towel can help ensure that the mess doesn't get ground into your floor.

4) The Key to Quick Kitchen Floor Clean-up? Focus on Areas Which Collect Dirt and Spills

Not all parts of a kitchen floor may get equally messy. The main trouble spots are in front of stoves, refrigerators and sinks. If you only have a few minutes to speed clean a clean floor, make sure you check those locations where food droppings and drips are most likely to fall. Concentrate on the splatters, dirt, and debris where you do most of your food prep and cooking. With luck, you may not even have to clean the rest of your kitchen floor. Get into the habit of doing this daily and you'll lessen the time spent deep cleaning your flooring surfaces.

Source: personal experience