3 Sizzling Little Fourth of July Dresses Under $100

Are you ladies excited for the long weekend, or what? We'll, if you're in the outfit planning/getting excited-for-fireworks/jonesing for a few days off work stage and you'd like stylish distraction, you've come to the right place. I'm on the hunt for a cute little 4th of July dress under $100, stat! You ladies with me?!

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While red, white and blue look completely adorable together, you can also just pick one of the iconic hues to create a festive 4th of July look. That's my plan anyway. Now, if I only knew which hue to pick! There's a case to be made for each one…

The Little White Dress: While you can't wear it to all of the summer weddings on your agenda, it'll get you into warm-weather goddess mode every other weekend. And, anyway, what could be more appropriate than a quintessentially summer color like white on the 4th of July?

The Little Blue Dress
: The sneaky-cool thing about a blue dress is that you'll be able to wear it into the early fall, since the color doesn't feel too summery. It's also the easiest to mix up with other colors and patterns in your wardrobe, after the last firework has sizzled out.

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The Little Red Dress
: Fiery, feisty and having a MAJOR moment this season, if you don't have one already - you should. Wearing a red dress on the 4th of July says, "Stick with me, if you want to see some fireworks.". I deem this the ideal July 4th date dress.

So, ladies, which color is your favorite? Any tips on putting together a cute 4th of July outfit? I'm listening!

Here are more red, white and blue styles I'm loving.

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