Frugal foyer fix-ups: Give your foyer an affordable makeover

The foyer is, in most cases, the very first room guests see when they walk into your home. Ironically, it happens to be one of the least used rooms in the house for those that live there. Because it's so infrequently used, most of us turn it into a serviceable spot for dropping keys, mail, shoes, and other items when we first walk in the door. Take a weekend and try out these frugal foyer fix-ups. You can makeover a foyer and have it look nice, but still use it for the same purpose.

Durable paint

There is a lot of traffic going on in the foyer, so your first order of business should be painting it with a durable paint. One with a glossy finish will be the best option because they are washable, long-lasting, and simple to keep clean. When choosing a paint color, remember that warmer colors won't show scuff marks as easily as cool ones. Get help choosing the right paint color.

Frugal Foyer Furniture

Without furniture your foyer will look empty and uninviting. However, most of us are limited on workable space that can be used to arrange a small seating area. The good news is, you don't need much to make your foyer more inviting. Any of the following ideas will work find to makeover a foyer:

Bench - A bench is small enough to fit in virtually any size foyer, and it can double as a spot for storing small items. Look for a bench with a lift-up seat and store away shoes, pet supplies, backpacks, and so on.

Ottoman - If you're really short on space, an ottoman is a smart choice. It's large enough to sit on to remove shoes, and it, too, can be used as a small storage solution.

Table, desk, or dresser - Ideally, there should be some type of furniture located in the foyer that can catch what you need to drop when you walk into your home. Makeover a foyer with a small table, roll-top desk, or a tall-standing dresser. The more drawers you have, the more space you have to put things out of sight.

Foyer lighting

Choosing the right lighting for your foyer makeover can be tricky. There are many things to consider in choosing a fixture, including ceiling height, room size, entry door clearance, and hang-style. Low-ceiling foyers will require a ceiling-mounted fixture, while vaulted ceilings will require a chain-hung fixture. Foyers less than 150 square feet, for example, will only require one light fixture, while larger areas will either need multiple fixtures or multiple-tiered ones that emit more light. For best results, speak with a lighting specialist to discuss your best option.

Entry rugs

A very simple way to makeover a foyer is with a cheerful area rug. Not only will a pretty accent rug look nice, but it will help protect the flooring beneath it too. Area rugs help anchor a room and define the space, and they're a smart choice for frugal foyer fix-ups because they can be purchased for under $ 100.00.

And don't forget....

Greenery -

Plants and flowers add life to any room. Fill your foyer with live or artificial plants.

Personal photos - Decorate the top of your entry table with same-framed vacation, sport, or school photos. It will give the foyer a personal touch.

Hooks - Attach a series of hooks on foyer walls to give guests a place to hang their coat or umbrella.

Wall art - You don't have to decorate the walls with pictures, if you don't want to. Consider using self-stick appliques, candle sconces, mirrors, tapestries, and so on.

Shelving - Shelving is a great way to add storage or display space, without taking up floor room. Use them to show off books, collectibles, photos, or other small items.

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