Fun fall activities for kids

Kids bummed out about the end of summer? Why not get them sizzling again with a few fun fall activities? Borrow some from your childhood or get in on some modern crazes. Either way, you'll find something on this list to please every child. The pool may be closed for the season. That doesn't mean your family has to stop having fun.

Take kids pumpkin and apple picking

It's the time of the season when orange globes dot farmers' fields and crispy apples deck the trees. Why not take your kids to a real farm to pick some fresh produce? Then, they can help you make yummy apple or pumpkin pie, carve their pumpkins for Halloween or whip up a batch of applesauce.

Take the family to see how cider is made.

Speaking of apples, have your kids ever visited a real cider mill? Cider is made by crushing whole apples. Most cider mills let you watch the process. A lot of them make fresh donuts to go with the cool crisp cider. Remember to keep your cider cold. It tastes better that way.

Go on a hayride.

I hope you also remember to take a hayride with the kids this fall. The best time to do this is while you're at that pumpkin farm. Most offer activities like petting zoos and hayrides. Encourage kids to wear long pants to avoid getting scratched up.

Geocaching is a fun filled fall activity.

Got smart phones? Why not use your GPS to go geocaching with the kids? There's an application that scouts out hidden caches right in your neighborhood. Some contain treasures. Don't forget to leave a surprise for the next adventurer!

Hiking with kids in the fall has benefits.

Hiking is wonderful in the fall. It's less strenuous without the hot sun. Kids can bring their camera for awesome pics and a bag for collecting the prettiest ones. When you get home, you can all make a collage with your photos and leaves to remember the day.

Have your kids ever played in the fall leaves?

Jumping in leaf piles, rolling around and crunching leaves underfoot were a given when I was a kid. If your kids haven't tried it, make sure they do. It's one of those fun fall activities no kid should miss. Plus, your leaves get raked for free.

Decorating for fall holidays keeps kids busy for hours.

What could be more fun than decorating for the scariest day of the year? No yard? Decorate the balcony. No balcony? Let kids decorate their rooms or the whole house. Don't celebrate Halloween? That's OK. The kids can decorate for Thanksgiving instead.

Planting fall bulbs gives kids pride in their home.

Kids love digging in dirt. Why not take advantage by letting them plan and plant a flower garden? Many bulbs do best when planted in autumn. Kids' contributions also make your house seem more like home.

Teach kids to play touch football

What's the best time to play touch football? It's while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. Work up an appetite teaching kids to play. Better yet, if you can move, play after dinner. You and the kids will burn off some holiday weight gain.

Get the whole family baking fall themed cookies.

This one won't help you lose weight. Still, a cookie baking session with the kids can help them with math skills via measuring. Plus, what could be a better way to bond with your family?

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