Gaining Weight with Your Mate? 5 Reasons Your Boyfriend’s Diet Matters

You have a wedding this weekend, and as you try to slip into the sexy, little black dress that you wore last year when you were on your first date with your man, you realize that you can't even get it past your hips. You haven't changed your workout routine, and you don't eat any differently than you once what's going on? Did the dress shrink when you brought it to the cleaners? Are the weights you're lifting bulking you up?

We hate to admit it, ladies, but your boyfriend's eating habits could be the reason that you're gaining weight. Or maybe you've been throwing your sexy, skinny jeans to the back of your closet and opting for sweatpants instead. And it's not just you: a study conducted by Cornell University found that newlyweds gained more weight than singles, widowers or divorcees, usually within the first two years of marriage. To help you out, I talked to some relationship experts and asked for their tips on how to avoid that pesky "boyfriend 15."

1. Enjoy your weekly date night but still make healthy choices. Has your man been treating you to romantic dinners at your favorite Italian restaurant on Friday nights? Maybe you've been ordering an extra dose of Italian bread to go with your order of creamy penne alla vodka. After dinner, you catch the latest movie, typically a chick flick. Your honey always orders a large bucket of popcorn and extra butter, along with Twizzlers, Reese's and a side of nachos. You can't sit there and watch him devour it all, so you help him out. A nibble here and a nibble there makes a bigger difference than you may think. Instead, stick to a salad with grilled chicken or simple pasta dish with tomato sauce or olive oil. If you must, try a bite (only one!) of your boyfriend's decadent dish. And, when it comes to the movies, just say, "no, thanks!"

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2. Stock his fridge with your favorite snacks. Let's say you're staying over at his place, and suddenly, a craving strikes. You wander into the kitchen in hopes of finding a crunchy apple or low-fat yogurt. Unfortunately, all you can scrounge up are Oreo cookies, some leftover pizza, and barbecue potato chips. Amy Schoen, life coach, relationship expert and blogger, tells us that this is another surefire way to put on some unwanted pounds. "Your boyfriend's diet matters when you have a strong value around living a healthy lifestyle. If he eats bad food and goes for the junk, you may be tempted to join him. We are what we eat, so it's important to find people who share our eating habits. We spend so much time in a relationship around eating!"

3. Just say no when it comes to sharing meals. Do you often decide to split a burger and fries with your man instead of ordering a turkey burger and side salad for yourself? That may be a bigger issue than you think. Brenda Della Casa, author of "Cinderella Was A Liar" and Huffington Post contributor, explains, "The food we eat is a very personal choice, but couples often share meals, which means that one person may find themselves eating out of their dietary comfort zone or ingesting more calories than they are used to."

4. Don't sacrifice your time at the gym for snuggle sessions. When you were single, you were probably able to fit your workouts in a lot easier. But now that you have a boyfriend, all of your spare moments are dedicated to him. Laurel House, author, personal trainer and dating mentor, offers an easy way to combat this issue. "Remember that there are other things you can do on dates besides going out to eat. Be adventurous. Guys often enjoy being active, and they like to be outdoors. You can do that too! Go hiking or kayaking. If you prefer to stay indoors due to bad weather, play laser tag or go dancing"

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5. Keep your hopes for a family in mind. If you want to have kids with your man, you need to be sure you and your sweetheart are eating healthy. Marni Battista, dating coach and dating expert, explains that your boyfriend's diet can influence his fertility. She adds, "And since the way your guy eats usually reflects the way you eat, it can affect your fertility, too. Studies have shown that eating a nutritious and balanced diet can contribute to high-fertility rates in couples. Certain foods have even been shown to increase fertility."

If none of these tips help you get back on track, just be honest with your partner. House shares, "If all else fails, say to him, 'I've gained a little weight, and I want to get back into my fitness program.' You can work out together."

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