How to Throw the Best Super Bowl Party EVER

Get your game on in style this year

Let's be honest. It doesn't really matter who's playing in the Super Bowl-it's all about the party! From setting a festive scene to serving a hearty and enticing spread to creating commercial scorecards, the following tips and tricks will help you pull off the best Super Bowl party ever!

Winning Decor
No need to be fancy. A little cleverness will go a long way. Focus on the buffet table-the only area people will be paying attention to other than the TV:

  • Cover the food table with a green tablecloth (or better yet Astroturf!) and if you have time, buy or make little field goals to put on either end. Buy and stack in a bowl some mini footballs for a fun centerpiece.
  • Hit up your local dollar store for football-shaped serving bowls and other football-themed trinkets.
  • At the party store, get paper plates and bowls in the colors of the two teams playing. If kids are coming (or even if they're not!) buy a football piñata at your local craft store and fill with candy.
  • Make a bunch of paper footballs like the ones you played with in study hall. Decorate and put them all around so people can play little side games during time outs and coach challenges.
  • And don't forget to ask your guests to dress in the colors of the team they're rooting for-we call that walking décor!

Front-Row Seating
Your guests are coming to watch a four-hour event, so make sure there are plenty of comfortable seating options.

  • If you have more people than spots on the couch, gather as many throw pillows as you can to make floor seating more appealing.
  • If you're using folding chairs, put some pillows on the seats to make them a touch more comfy.

Football-Friendly Food
Want to shake things up a bit? Instead of serving a big meal at halftime, unveil one new appetizer each quarter.

  • Select a few football-friendly, easy-to-eat items like BBQ wings, mushroom and cheddar sliders, or bourbon-glazed meatballs.
  • Put out a crock-pot of beef chili with all the fixings before guests arrive so people can self serve throughout the game.
  • And in the fourth quarter, bust out some cupcakes decorated with the colors of the teams playing.

Dream-Team Drinks
Even if you're group enjoys non-alcohol options, the most important part of your fete is the bar!

  • Make it self-serve and easily accessed.
  • Fill a cooler or two with a bunch of unique and fun beers: a couple pilsners, a few hefeweisen-style beers and a bunch of lagers.
  • Make sure there's lots of ice-the beers need to be cold!
  • Also put out a couple bottles of white and red wine and a bottle of vodka and bourbon with a few mixers.
  • Finally, fill a third cooler with lots of bottled water and soda.
  • Skip the glassware-plastic cups are fine.

Extra Points
What makes a party really memorable are all the special touches. Here are a few ideas to give your party that extra oomph:

  • Create a commercial scorecard. Have people rate the different ads during the game and at the end, tally up the scores and reveal the Best Commercial of the Super Bowl.
  • Give door prizes. Hand out tickets to guests when they arrive and at the two-minute mark of every quarter, reveal a winner. Prizes can be football koozies, a small bottle of liquor, an iTunes gift card, or even just the right to cheer uninterrupted for 30 seconds.
  • Play Rock Band at halftime. You'll have some down time as Madonna gets ready to perform at this year's halftime show and this is a fun way to keep the party going. Don't forget to take photos during this part of the evening!

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